supportIndustry Standard Secured Remote Desktop Support:

Provides Instant and Secured Remote Support to Desktop and Mobile Devices, 24/7. Multi-Platform Support. Quick Connectivity. Secure Sessions. We provide each customer a segmented, private environment. Your privacy is our priority.

supportEnterprises/OEM Application Software Support:

Provides software application support to users; Trains users on use of software applications, Evaluates, troubleshoot and makes recommendation including commercial and custom operating systems, application softwares.

supportReal-time Computer Security Management:

We provide fast and free security scan for your PC to check for computer viruses & online security threats with real-time results from certified experts. We make sure your computer is secured from Trojans malicious attacks.

supportAffordable Annual Maintenance Services:

For our valuable customers, we offer an Annual Maintenance Contract online to ensure that your PC is working efficiently and you have the much needed peace of mind. No lengthy procedures, no signing up forms. Getting your AMC is now just 1 step away.

data-center Troubleshooting & Repair:

We’ll quickly figure out what is causing your computer problems and determine the best options for getting your system back up and running.

  • Bootup problems. If your computer won’t start, you’re getting system errors, or your system is shutting down, we can fix the problem and get your computer running again.
  • Sluggish systems. We can tune and optimize your PC to get it running like new again.
  • Hardware failures. We will diagnose your system to see what the exact issue is and if it found as hardware damage, we will provide the appropriate resolution to overcome the issue.

support Tune Ups & Preventative Maintenance:

Keep your computer running at its best performance and prolong the life of your system with a complete tune up. Here’s what we do:

  • scanning for spyware
  • viruses and malware
  • registry cleanup for faster boot-up times
  • defragmentation of your hard drive for quicker file access
  • scan your hard drive for physical disk errors
  • remove excess temporary files from your system
  • clean out dust and grime buildup inside the case and fans
  • update Windows with the latest Security patches
  • and Update Your Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Firewall and other security programs.

supportUpgrades / Hardware Installation:

Whether you’re ready for a brand new computer, or just need to update your system, Arsain has everything you need.

  • We’ll help you get the most out of your system by recommending the best parts. We deal with quality products only.
  • Motherboards, processors, hard drives, RAM, DVD drives, video cards, fans and more. Just ask and we can help you out.
  • AMC Computer Services is unique in that we ALWAYS make the greatest effort to protect your data during any work we do. If you are upgrading to a new system, we will help you to back up your data first, then transfer it to your new system for you.

supportApple / Mac Repairs We provide reliable and affordable Mac computer repair of your Apple Macbook, desktop or tablet.

We’re one of the best remote desktop support companies that offers Apple computer repair and support services. We provide service for all versions of  Macintosh systems.

Networking Services:

  • Network Design, Implementation, Management, and Support
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN) and Remote Connectivity
  • Servers and Virtualization
  • Application Software Management
  • Fiber, Copper and Wireless Infrastructure

server2We provide online – Remote Desktop support for your Home / small business.

We initiate the remote session of your computer and take care of your networking, hardware and software issues. We make sure your systems are running smooth, up to date, and have the latest protection against viruses, spyware and malware.

Skilled IT Technicians – guaranteed to resolve 95% of support queries  trough remote support – The Help desk agent can perform desktop support by remotely accessing your computer to provide the following and other kinds of support:

  • Troubleshooting a problem with the desktop’s software
  • Installing software updates
  • Adding printers and other periphery equipment
  • Assisting with Email setup and troubleshooting
  • All other areas of remote desktop support


We Support All Major Brands